Chain Oil Spray
Chain Oil Spray

Berusynth CU 250 Spray and Berusynth CU 3000 Spray– your go-to synthetic high-performance adhesive chain oil spray, crafted for superior wetting and penetrating capabilities. The highly adhesive nature of this oil guarantees minimal drop-off, ensuring prolonged effectiveness.

Key Features are as follows :
  • Exceptional Adhesion: Experience the superior adhesion properties of this chain oil spray, minimizing drop-off for extended performance.
  • Water Wash-Off Resistance: Berusynth CU 250 Spray boasts high resistance against both hot and cold water wash-off, ensuring reliability in diverse environmental conditions.
  • Corrosion Protection: Providing outstanding protection against corrosion for friction partners, this spray enhances the longevity of crucial components.
  • Low Evaporation Rate: Even under high temperatures, CU 250 exhibits a low evaporation rate, ensuring a lasting and effective lubrication solution.
  • Residue-Free: After its active life, Berusynth CU 250 Spray leaves no residue, maintaining cleanliness and efficiency in your equipment.

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