NSK Grease LR3

NSK GRS LR3 grease – the preferred choice for ball screws, linear guides, spindle bearing applications, FSS type and VFA type ball screws, PSS type ball screws, and grease guns.

Key Features :
  • Versatile Application: NSK LR3 grease is formulated for a wide range of applications, ensuring superior performance in ball screws, linear guides, spindle bearings, and various other components.
  • Environmentally Friendly Formula: Crafted from a mineral oil base with lithium thickener and additives, NSK LR3 grease is not only environmentally friendly but also ideal for high load applications.
  • Enhanced Lubrication Life: Infused with a special synthetic oil and carefully selected antioxidation agent, this grease significantly extends lubrication life, especially at high temperatures.
  • Water and Rust Protection: Utilized to protect against water ingress and provide rust protection, NSK LR3 grease ensures the longevity and durability of critical components.
  • Friction Reduction: This high-viscosity grease reduces friction, enhancing the efficiency of machines and contributing to smoother operations.

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