Mineral Gear Oil

Mineral gear oil is a lubricating oil derived from crude oil through refining. It is used in gears like transmissions and differentials. Blended with additives, it reduces friction, wear, and heat. There are also synthetic and semi-synthetic gear oils with specific advantages, chosen based on application and manufacturer recommendations. Discover unparalleled gear performance with our advanced mineral gear oil, meticulously crafted for a variety of gear configurations including spur, bevel, planetary, and worm gears. Boasting exceptional wear resistance, this high-performance gear oil is formulated with a unique blend of top-quality base oil and cutting-edge additives.

Engineered for longevity, our gear oil is designed to withstand aging, showcasing favorable viscosity-temperature behavior. Its outstanding load-carrying ability ensures reliable performance under heavy stress. Tailored for versatility, it goes beyond conventional applications, serving as an optimal running-in oil for gears operating under intense loads and shocks.

This specially formulated mineral gear oil acts as an effective anti-wear solution, hindering the progression of damage in compromised gear systems. Specifically recommended for heavily loaded spur gears, bevel gears, spiral gears, and worm gears, it addresses a wide spectrum of industrial gear applications, providing unparalleled protection and performance.

Experience superior gear functionality with our gear oil that excels in diverse industrial settings. Trust in its resistance to aging, commendable viscosity-temperature behavior, and exceptional load-carrying capacity. Elevate your gear systems to new heights with our specially tailored mineral gear oil, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in any application.

BECHEM Staroil G Series, a high-performance mineral gear oil designed for spur, bevel, planetary, and worm gears. Elevate gear functionality with exceptional wear resistance and longevity.

BECHEM Berugear GS 220-1500 BM, crafted with high-quality base oil and advanced additives. This gear oil ensures outstanding wear resistance, aging resistance, and heavy load-carrying ability.

Choose BECHEM for gear oils that go beyond the ordinary, providing unmatched protection and performance for your industrial gear applications. Elevate your machinery with the excellence of BECHEM Staroil G Series and BECHEM Berugear GS 220-1500 BM.

Industrial Machinery : Used in various industrial gears, including spur, bevel, planetary, and worm gears, ensuring smooth and reliable operation in heavy-duty machinery.

Automotive Transmissions : Applied in automotive gearboxes to provide lubrication and protection to gears, promoting efficient power transmission and extending the lifespan of transmission systems.

Mining Equipment : Essential for the lubrication of gears in mining machinery, where heavy loads and challenging conditions require robust and durable lubrication solutions.

Marine Gear Systems : Utilized in marine applications for the lubrication of gears in ship propulsion systems and auxiliary equipment, offering protection against corrosion and wear.

Wind Turbines : Found in the gearboxes of wind turbines to withstand the varying loads and conditions, ensuring reliable and efficient power generation in the renewable energy sector.

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