Electrical Contact Cleaner

CRC 2-26 – your versatile solution for safeguarding electrical equipment from water, humidity, condensation, and corrosion. This multi-purpose lubricant does more than just protect; it lubricates, penetrates, displaces moisture, and shields against corrosion.

Key Features of CRC 2-26 :
  • Protective Applications: CRC 2-26 is your go-to for safeguarding motor windings, terminals, bus bars, commutator ends, stator coils, and PC boards, ensuring reliable performance in diverse electrical components.
  • Plastic Safe: Rest easy knowing that CRC 2-26 is plastic safe, making it suitable for a wide range of applications without compromising materials.
  • Quick Drying: With a quick-drying formula, CRC 2-26 speeds up your maintenance process, minimizing downtime and ensuring swift protection.
  • Residue-Free: Enjoy a clean finish – CRC 2-26 leaves no residue behind, providing a neat and effective solution for your electrical equipment.
  • Hard, Durable Film: Once applied, CRC 2-26 dries quickly to form a hard, durable, flexible, and non-conductive film, delivering long-lasting protection.

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