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Revolutionizing Industrial Cleanliness : Beruclean by Bechem

Ensuring work pieces and semi-finished products undergo efficient cleaning is vital for a flawless production process. Poor cleaning practices can result in the production of defective items and an escalation in rejection rates. Industrial cleaners are the linchpin in guaranteeing that components are thoroughly rid of dust, grease, grime, and other contaminants commonly encountered in metalworking processes. The choice of cleaner depends on factors such as the material being cleaned, system technology, and the level of exposure to various impurities.

Bechem's Beruclean : Redefining Industrial Cleaners

BECHEM's Beruclean range, formulated with cutting-edge technology, is a game-changer, ensuring the production of flawless components with no residues left behind. This is especially crucial for demanding machining processes where cleanliness is paramount. The Beruclean series offers both aqueous and solvent-based biodegradable formulations, providing versatile cleaning solutions for a wide range of materials.

Bechem Beruclean 3050 : Adaptable Efficiency

Beruclean 3050 is tailored for use with scrubber vacuum machines and manual cleaning processes. Its versatility allows for dilution with water based on contamination levels, proving highly effective in cleaning various equipment, industrial floors, engines, vehicles, and more. With low consumption, Beruclean 3050 maintains neutrality towards paints, rubber seals, plastics, and textile materials.

Bechem Beruclean S 4050 : High-Performance, Eco-Friendly Solution

Beruclean S 4050 stands out as a high-performance industrial cleaner formulated with synthetic hydrocarbons and without ozone-depleting agents. Its compatibility with plastics and rubber makes it a versatile choice, offering effective dissolving capabilities and rapid drying. Odorless and adhering to OECD 301 F standards for easy biodegradability, Beruclean S 4050 is suitable for immersion baths, ultrasonic appliances, and similar environments.

Bechem Beruclean 3050 Eco : Exemplary Water-Soluble Alkaline Cleaner

Beruclean 3050 Eco is an exceptional water-soluble alkaline cleaner designed for industrial cleaning applications. Its versatile formulation allows for use in various cleaning machines, including scrubber vacuum machines and manual cleaning processes. This high-performance cleaner delivers potent cleaning with minimal consumption, making it an efficient choice for various surfaces and materials.

Bechem Beruclean Eco : Versatile and Eco-Friendly

Beruclean Eco, crafted from synthetic hydrocarbons and devoid of ozone-depleting agents, stands out as a top-tier cleaner with compatibility for plastics and rubber. As a universal cold cleaning agent, it is free from aromatic hydrocarbons, exhibiting minimal odor for a nearly scent-free cleaning experience. Readily biodegradable.

according to OECD 301 F standards and NSF-H1 approved, Beruclean Eco is suitable for incidental contact with food products and provides temporary rust protection.

Bechem Beruclean 4027 : Cold Cleaner with Long-lasting Protection

Beruclean 4027, a cold cleaner formulated from paraffin hydrocarbons, leaves a thin oily corrosion protection film, enhancing cleaned surface longevity. Free from ozone-depleting agents, with a higher flash point for safer usage, Beruclean 4027 offers a comprehensive solution with compatibility for plastics and rubber across various applications.

Bechem Beruclean 3843 : Mild Alkaline De-greasing Excellence

Beruclean 3843, a water-soluble, mild alkaline de-greasing agent, is renowned for its outstanding cleaning capabilities. Suitable for various cleaning methods, it effectively removes diverse processing residues, notably oil and grease, addressing industrial cleaning needs comprehensively.

Bechem Beruclean 113 EMF : Low Foaming Universal Alkaline Cleaner

Beruclean 113 EMF, a water-soluble universal alkaline cleaner with low foaming characteristics, is recommended for high-pressure cleaning applications. Versatile across spray, ultrasonic, and immersion cleaning processes within specific temperature ranges, it's well-suited for various industrial cleaning processes.

Bechem Beruclean 111 EHF : High Alkaline Aqueous Cleaning Excellence

Beruclean 111 EHF, a high alkaline aqueous cleaning agent, is formulated for effective cleaning of steel and ferrous materials. Particularly recommended for ultrasonic applications, it excels against stubborn dust and sludge particles. Suitable for various applications, including spray, ultrasonic, and immersion cleaning processes, it tackles challenging cleaning tasks across various industrial processes.

In conclusion, BECHEM's Beruclean range stands as a beacon in industrial cleaning, offering tailored solutions for diverse modern manufacturing needs. Prioritizing efficiency, versatility, and eco-friendliness, these cleaners ensure your production stays at the zenith of quality and precision. Choose Beruclean for a cleaner, greener, and more efficient industrial future

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