The EDM fluids from BECHEM are formulated with high-quality hydrocarbons, featuring a narrow-cut blend of naphthenic and paraffinic compounds in an optimal ratio. These spark erosion fluids boast a low viscosity, facilitating improved circulation, efficient rinsing, and the swift removal of metal residues during the electric discharge machining (EDM) process. With excellent oxidation stability, these EDM oils demonstrate resilience in high-erosion environments, ensuring prolonged performance and minimal electrode wear. The advanced formulation of the BECHEM range not only enhances machining efficiency but also contributes to the quality of the machining process.

This non-water-soluble and almost odourless clear fluid serves as an outstanding EDM oil, providing exceptional cooling properties for electric discharge machining applications. The BECHEM range of EDM oils stands out with its ability to enable faster dust settlement, which positively impacts the overall oil quality available for the machining process. These fluids find versatile application as spark erosion fluids in electric discharge machining, catering to both intricate and rough shapes. The comprehensive benefits, including effective cooling, low odor, and advanced formulation, position BECHEM's EDM oils as reliable choices for precision machining operations.

Product Names​
  • Bechem Dielektrikum 4027
  • Bechem Dielektrikum 4029

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