Synthetic Gear Oil

Unlock the power of advanced lubrication with BECHEM's Synthetic Gear Oils, meticulously designed to meet the challenges of heavily loaded gears in demanding industrial environments. Our gear oils, including the BERUSYNTH GP Series (68-1000) and BERUSYNTH EP Series (68-1000), are engineered to deliver unparalleled performance, ensuring optimal functioning and longevity of your machinery.

What is Synthetic Gear Oil?
Synthetic gear oils are specially formulated lubricants designed to provide superior protection and performance in high-stress gear applications. Unlike conventional mineral oils, synthetic gear oils are engineered through advanced chemical processes, resulting in a cleaner, more stable, and high-performance lubricant.

BECHEM BERUSYNTH GP SERIES (68-1000) : Crafted for a wide range of gear applications, this series guarantees high performance across the board. Its adaptability makes it suitable for diverse industrial settings.

BECHEM BERUSYNTH EP SERIES (68-1000) : Engineered with extreme pressure additives, this series excels in heavy-duty applications. It provides exceptional protection against wear, ensuring the longevity of gears in challenging industrial environments.

Choose BECHEM Synthetic Gear Oils for an unmatched combination of advanced technology, tailored formulation, and superior performance. Elevate your industrial lubrication standards and ensure the smooth operation of your gears under the toughest conditions.

In the dynamic landscape of industrial machinery, where gears bear the brunt of heavy loads and demanding conditions, BECHEM Synthetic Gear Oils emerge as the catalysts for optimal performance and longevity. They are crafted to cater to a myriad of gear applications, setting a new standard in industrial lubrication.

Rolling Mills : In the heart of metal production, rolling mills demand precision and reliability. BECHEM's Synthetic Gear Oils prove their mettle in heavily loaded gears within rolling mills, ensuring smooth operation and protection against wear. The tailored formulation of our gear oils aligns perfectly with the demands of this critical industrial process, enhancing the efficiency and lifespan of gears.

Paper Mills : Paper mills operate under diverse conditions, from high-speed cutting to heavy pulp processing. The adaptability of BECHEM Synthetic Gear Oils makes them the ideal choice for the intricate gears found in paper manufacturing units. The superior lubrication provided by our gear oils guarantees uninterrupted operation and minimizes downtime.

Textile Manufacturing Units : Precision and speed define the textile industry, where gears play a pivotal role in maintaining the rhythm of production. BECHEM Synthetic Gear Oils are engineered to meet the challenges faced by gears in textile manufacturing units, ensuring optimal lubrication and protection against the intense loads encountered during high-speed operations.

Versatility Across Gear Types : The versatility of BECHEM Synthetic Gear Oils extends across a spectrum of gear types, including heavily loaded spur gears, bevel gears, spiral gears, and worm gears. Regardless of the application, our gear oils are tailored to deliver superior performance, addressing the specific needs of diverse gears subjected to heavy loads in industrial operations.

Superior Lubrication : Our synthetic gear oils are designed with a specialized formulation that ensures superior lubrication. This is particularly crucial for gears operating under intense loads, providing the necessary protection against wear and friction.

Tailored Formulation : The versatility of our gear oils lies in their tailored formulation, addressing the specific challenges posed by different gear types in industrial operations. This commitment to customization ensures optimal performance and extends the lifespan of your machinery.

Broad Range of Applications : Whether you have heavily loaded spur gears, bevel gears, spiral gears, or worm gears, BECHEM's Synthetic Gear Oils are the ideal choice. Their adaptability makes them indispensable in the demanding conditions of rolling mills, paper mills, and textile manufacturing units.

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