Teflon Grease

Welcome to Tamilnadu engineering and Lubricants, your go-to source for premium Teflon grease solutions that excel in delivering unparalleled lubrication performance. Our range of Teflon grease products, derived from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), is designed to meet the diverse needs of industries where friction reduction and non-stick properties are crucial.




Choose us for Teflon grease solutions that go beyond conventional lubrication. Our products, including BECHEM BERULUB FR 43, BECHEM BERULUB FR 16, and BECHEM BERULUB FR 57, are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of diverse industries. Experience the difference with our high-performance Teflon grease, ensuring smoother operations and prolonged equipment life. Contact us today to explore the world of superior lubrication solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Teflon grease, known for its distinctive non-stick properties, is a powerhouse when it comes to reducing friction between surfaces. Crafted from PTFE, this exceptional lubricant has found its niche in various applications within the food industry. It proves invaluable for the lubrication of chains, slides, sprockets, and bearings in filling machines and packaging equipment, ensuring smooth operations without the risk of contamination.

Our Teflon grease products, including BECHEM BERULUB FR 43, BECHEM BERULUB FR 16, and BECHEM BERULUB FR 57, are not limited to the food industry. Their non-reactive nature with metal, plastic, elastomers, and rubber makes them ideal for use as electrical contact lubricants in power distribution, electronics, and switchgear. The impeccable performance extends beyond the electrical realm to enhance windows, conveyors, fan belts, hinges, locks, and cables. Say goodbye to issues like squeaking and binding with our reliable Teflon silicone lubricants.

Rust Prevention and Corrosion Resistance
In applications involving the installation of faucet stems and cabinet drawers, our PTFE lubricants are highly recommended. The unique formulation prevents rust and corrosion, ensuring longevity and reliability in your equipment.

Perfect for Plastic-to-Plastic Lubrication
Our Teflon grease products shine in plastic-to-plastic lubrication, creating a thin, hard layer that not only reduces friction but also repels dust and grime. This unique feature makes them a preferred choice in various industries where cleanliness and efficiency are paramount.

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