Forging Oil

A non-water miscible oil, often referred to as a cold forming oil, is a type of lubricant used in metalworking processes, particularly during cold forming operations. Cold forming involves shaping metal at or near room temperature, as opposed to hot forging where the metal is heated to high temperatures. Cold forming oils play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and quality of these processes.

Lubrication : Like in hot forging, lubrication is essential in cold forming to reduce friction and wear between the metal work piece and the tools or dies used in the process.

Cooling : Cold forming oils often contain additives that help dissipate heat generated during the deformation of metal. Efficient cooling is crucial to prevent overheating of the work piece and tools, ensuring a longer tool life and preventing the material from becoming too malleable.

Surface Finish : These oils contribute to achieving a smoother surface finish on the cold-formed parts by reducing friction and minimizing the risk of surface imperfections.

Material Flow : Cold forming oils aid in the controlled flow of the metal, allowing it to take the desired shape with precision and without the risk of cracks or defects.

Anti-Wear Properties : To protect tools and dies from wear, non-water miscible oils often include additives that form a protective layer on the metal surfaces, reducing friction and extending the life of the tooling.

Corrosion Protection : Cold forming oils may contain corrosion inhibitors to protect both the work piece and the equipment from rust and corrosion.

These oils are specifically formulated to operate effectively at lower temperatures, making them suitable for cold forming processes such as cold extrusion, cold heading, and stamping

Our exceptional non-water miscible oil, meticulously formulated for the precision drawing of round bars and profiles with challenging geometries, such as square and hexagon shapes. This Cold Forming Oil stands out for its remarkable effectiveness in a variety of metalworking operations, including deep drawing processes, demanding sheet forming, and various cold forming applications.

Crafted as a high-performance multifunctional oil, it proves its mettle in intricate forming processes, particularly those involving multi-stage presses in cold forming applications. Its versatility extends to cold extrusion, piercing, punching, blanking, and drawing, making it the go-to choice for diverse metalworking needs. What sets this oil apart is its tailored design for applications where water is not a suitable component.

This specialized oil is engineered to cater to the specific requirements of drawing round bars and profiles, encompassing shapes with intricate geometries like square and hexagon. Its adaptability shines in deep drawing processes and demanding sheet forming, addressing a broad spectrum of cold forming operations with ease. Positioned as a high-performance multifunctional oil, it excels in complex forming processes, including cold extrusion, piercing, punching, blanking, and drawing, especially in applications involving multi-stage presses in cold forming.

Beyond its multifaceted applications, this oil goes the extra mile by contributing to extended tool life, showcasing excellent forming performance, and providing reliable corrosion protection. Say goodbye to concerns about water in your metalworking processes and embrace the reliability and versatility of our non-water miscible Cold Forming Oil. Experience enhanced tool longevity, exceptional forming capabilities, and corrosion protection that you can depend on. Elevate your metalworking operations with our specially crafted, high-performance Cold Forming Oil.

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