High Load Grease

High load grease is a specialized lubricating substance designed to withstand extreme pressure and heavy loads in various industrial applications. This type of grease is formulated with additives that enhance its ability to provide effective lubrication under high-stress conditions, such as heavy machinery, automotive components, and industrial equipment.

Bechem High Lub LT2 EP 400

Bechem High Lub FA 50 MO

Bechem Berulit GA 400/800/2500

Bechem High Lub LFB 2000

Bechem High Lub FA 67 400

Bechem High Lub L2 MO

Extreme Pressure (EP) Performance : High load greases contain additives like solid lubricants (such as molybdenum disulfide or graphite) that form a protective layer on metal surfaces, preventing direct metal-to-metal contact and reducing friction, even under high loads.

Viscosity and Stability : These greases typically have a higher viscosity index to maintain their lubricating properties over a wide range of temperatures. This ensures consistent performance in both hot and cold operating environments.

Anti-Wear Properties : High load greases often include anti-wear additives to protect equipment from excessive wear and extend the life of components subjected to heavy loads.

Water Resistance : Many formulations have water-resistant properties to prevent washout and maintain lubrication effectiveness in wet or humid conditions.

Corrosion Protection : High load greases may contain corrosion inhibitors to safeguard metal surfaces from degradation caused by moisture and other corrosive elements.

Bechem's High Load Grease emerges as the top-tier choice for effectively lubricating plain and roller bearings exposed to medium to heavy loads. Its versatility extends across various applications, including conveyor rollers, pellet presses, electric motors, fans, axle bearings, and life-lubricated bearings in motor vehicles. Beyond these common applications, it excels in addressing the challenges posed by friction zones in granite cutting machines, bearings of gang saw machines, and actuator systems in solar power plants. Renowned for its multipurpose capabilities, it has found widespread use in automotive assembly plants.

Notably, the effectiveness of this grease is accentuated in scenarios where bearings contend with both high loads and water ingress. It also meets the rigorous lubrication demands of work roll bearings in hot and cold rolling mills. Its suitability further extends to heavy mobile equipment applications, including bucket elevators and gear couplings in the construction and mining industry.

For applications demanding exceptional load-bearing capacity, the Berulit GA series stands out as the recommended choice. Specifically engineered for open gear drives of mixing drums, dryers, ball mills, and rotary kilns, this series is also apt for heavily loaded couplings, journal bearing lubrication in forging presses, and slew ring gears of converters, drag lines, cranes, crushers, and excavators equipped with central or spray lubricating systems. Impressively, it serves as a noise-dampening grease in two-wheeler starter motor mechanisms.

The applications for the Berulit GA series are diverse, covering plain and roller bearings, guide ways, motor bearings in vitrified tiles plants, gear shifter ball joint applications, machine parts in the construction and mining industry, machine tools, bearings of winders and unwinders, as well as the refiner section in paper mills and the textile industry. Additionally, it is well-suited for electrical and precision instruments, threaded spindles, washing machines, and household equipment.

In the industrial and construction sectors, it comes highly recommended for plain and roller bearings, joints in rolling mills, ball joints, machine tools, construction machinery, rail road vehicles, crushers, cranes, tractors, brake rod linkages, eccentric bearings, and as life lubricants in small roller bearings and sliding parts in starter motors, electric motors, and household appliances.

Automotive :
Bearings : Ideal for electric motors, axle bearings, and life-lubricated bearings in vehicles.
Assembly Plants : Widely used for multipurpose lubrication in automotive assembly plants.

Industrial Machinery :
Conveyor Rollers : Ensures smooth operation of roller and plain bearings. Granite Cutting, Gang Saw Machines: Handles friction zones efficiently.
Solar Power Plants : Used in actuator systems to meet lubrication challenges. Rolling Mills : Meets demanding lubrication requirements for work roll bearings.

Construction and Mining :
Heavy Mobile Equipment : Suitable for bucket elevators and gear couplings.
Open Gear Drives : Berulit GA series recommended for various heavy applications.

General Industrial :
Noise-Dampening : Berulit GA series serves in two-wheeler starter motor mechanisms. Bearings and Guide Ways: Applied in various industrial settings.
Machine Tools : Used in construction, mining, and machine tools. Paper Mills, Textile Industry: Recommended for specific applications.

Household and Appliances :
Washing Machines : Effective lubrication for moving parts.
Household Equipment : Acts as a life lubricant in various appliances.

This highlights the grease's versatility, ensuring optimal performance under heavy loads and challenging conditions in diverse settings.

Heavy Load Endurance : Designed to withstand extreme pressure, ensuring effective lubrication under heavy loads.

Friction and Wear Reduction : Forms a protective layer on metal surfaces, minimizing friction and wear for extended component life.

Versatility : Suitable for various applications, from bearings in electric motors to heavy mobile equipment, providing a versatile lubrication solution.

Water Resistance : Exhibits resistance to water ingress, maintaining lubrication effectiveness in wet conditions.

Temperature Stability : Maintains consistent performance over a wide temperature range, ensuring reliability in diverse operating conditions.

Corrosion Protection : Contains inhibitors to safeguard against corrosion, preserving the integrity of metal components.

Extended Equipment Life : Contributes to machinery longevity, minimizing downtime and replacement costs.

Specialized Formulations : Tailored formulations address specific challenges in applications like open gear drives, mixing drums, and industrial machinery.

Noise Reduction : Certain formulations, like the Berulit GA series, act as noise-dampening lubricants, suitable for noise-sensitive applications.

Ease of Application : Designed for easy and efficient application, facilitating convenient industrial maintenance.

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