High Viscous Oil

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High-viscosity oil refers to crude oil or petroleum products that have a thick and sticky consistency, making them more resistant to flow. The viscosity of oil is a measure of its resistance to deformation or flow. High-viscosity oils have a higher resistance to flow, which means they are thicker and flow more slowly than low-viscosity oils.

Our cutting-edge series of high-viscosity fluids, these exceptional formulations boast remarkable Extreme Pressure (EP) properties, validated through 'Four Ball' weld load measurements that consistently exceed an impressive 8000 N. Beyond their remarkable EP characteristics, what sets these fluids apart is their transparent and clear composition, offering not only enhanced visibility during gear inspections but also facilitating the monitoring of equipment health by maintenance teams.

Standing out within this high-viscous oil range are the outstanding Extreme Pressure (EP) features, as evidenced by 'Four Ball' weld load measurements that surpass the 8000 N threshold. The clarity of these fluids further distinguishes them, providing a clear advantage during gear inspections and contributing significantly to the efficiency of equipment health monitoring undertaken by maintenance teams.

Tailored to meet the rigorous demands of diverse industrial domains, such as Cement, Steel, Power, Paper, Sugar, Chemical, Fertilizer, and Metal Processing Industries, these high-viscosity oils have become indispensable for ensuring peak performance in heavy-duty operational environments.

This series of high-viscosity fluids not only surpasses industry standards with its exceptional Extreme Pressure properties but also offers unparalleled clarity for gear inspection and equipment health monitoring. A must-have for industries with rigorous demands, these high-viscosity oils prove their worth in ensuring optimal performance in heavy-duty applications across various industrial sectors.

Cement Industry : Ideal for lubricating gears and bearings in heavy machinery used in cement manufacturing. Ensures smooth operation and reduced wear and tear in gear systems.

Steel Industry : Excellent for use in steel processing equipment, providing reliable lubrication under extreme conditions. Enhances the lifespan of gears and minimizes friction in steel production machinery.

Power Generation : Well-suited for use in turbines, generators, and other power plant equipment. Maintains optimal performance, reducing the risk of equipment failure and downtime.

Paper Manufacturing : Specially formulated for use in paper processing machinery, preventing wear and ensuring efficient operation. Contributes to the longevity of gears in the paper production process.

Sugar Industry : Provides effective lubrication for gears and bearings in sugar mill machinery. Withstands the demanding conditions of sugar processing, ensuring reliable performance.

Chemical Processing : Suitable for use in chemical processing equipment where resistance to extreme conditions is crucial. Enhances the reliability and longevity of gears in chemical manufacturing machinery.

Fertilizer Industry : Designed to meet the challenges of fertilizer production machinery, ensuring consistent and efficient lubrication. Reduces the risk of equipment failures in demanding fertilizer processing environments.

Metal Processing Industries : Versatile enough to cater to the diverse lubrication needs of various metal processing machinery. Offers reliable performance in gear systems used in metal fabrication and processing.

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