Cutting Coolant Oil




Cutting coolant oil, also known as cutting fluid or metalworking fluid, is a specialized liquid used in metal machining and cutting operations to enhance the cutting process and extend the tool life. It serves several important functions:

Cooling : Cutting coolant oil dissipates heat generated during machining processes. This helps prevent the overheating of tools and workpieces, reducing the risk of thermal damage and ensuring dimensional accuracy.

Lubrication : It provides lubrication between the cutting tool and the workpiece, minimizing friction and wear. This lubricating action is crucial for achieving smoother cutting operations and prolonging the life of cutting tools.

Chip Removal : Cutting coolant oil helps in the efficient removal of chips and swarf (small metal particles) generated during the machining process. This is essential for maintaining a clean work environment and preventing chips from interfering with the cutting operation.

Corrosion Prevention : Cutting fluids often contain corrosion inhibitors to protect both the tool and the workpiece from rust and corrosion. This is especially important when working with materials that are prone to corrosion.

Improving Surface Finish : The use of cutting coolant oil can result in a better surface finish on the machined part by reducing tool wear and preventing built-up edge formation.

Enhancing Tool Life : By reducing heat and friction, cutting coolant oil helps extend the life of cutting tools, leading to cost savings and improved machining efficiency.

The choice of cutting coolant oil depends on the specific machining application, the type of material being machined, and environmental considerations. Different formulations cater to various machining processes and materials, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Our advanced cutting coolant oil renowned for its exceptional dirt-carrying capacity, this formulation emerges as the optimal choice for a diverse range of grinding applications and cast iron machining tasks. Its high emulsion stability sets it apart, making it well-suited for various grinding applications and cast iron machining endeavors. While not recommended for aluminum machining, this cutting coolant oil boasts lubricating improvers that significantly enhance its overall performance, coupled with outstanding flushing properties. Its versatility extends seamlessly to steel machining applications, establishing it as a reliable and efficient option for various industrial processes.

Within the domain of fully synthetic coolants boasting outstanding extreme pressure (EP) properties, this cutting coolant oil is meticulously engineered for grinding and cutting operations involving cast iron, SG iron, steel, and alloys. The synthetic nature of this coolant ensures heightened stability and an extended emulsion lifetime, distinguished by its transparent appearance. Offering temporary corrosion protection, this cutting coolant oil stands out as it is free of boron and formaldehyde-releasing agents, aligning with environmental considerations while consistently delivering superior performance in metalworking applications.

Precision Machining : Used in turning, milling, and lathe operations to enhance tool performance, reduce friction, and dissipate heat, ensuring precision and longevity.

Grinding Operations : Applied in surface and cylindrical grinding for thermal damage prevention, minimizing wheel wear, and improving the quality of finished products.

Drilling Applications : Essential in drilling processes to prevent overheating of drill bits, reduce wear, and facilitate efficient chip removal for accurate drilling.

Metal Forming : Employed in stamping and forging processes to reduce friction, control heat, and enhance the surface finish of formed metal parts.

Automotive Manufacturing : Widely used in machining engine components, transmissions, and critical parts to contribute to the efficiency and quality of automotive manufacturing processes.

Elevate your metalworking experience with these cutting-edge coolant oils, ensuring not only top-notch performance but also a commitment to environmental responsibility. Choose BECHEM AVANTIN for a seamless blend of efficiency, stability, and eco-friendly excellence in your machining processes.

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