Water Resistance Grease

Discover the unparalleled resilience of BECHEM's cutting-edge water-resistant greases, meticulously crafted to excel in the harshest operational environments. Engineered to endure challenging conditions, these greases provide exceptional performance against water exposure and corrosive elements. Infused with advanced corrosion inhibitors, they deliver robust protection for critical contact surfaces.

These specially formulated greases showcase remarkable water-repelling properties, ensuring steadfast stability even during prolonged periods under heavy loads. Ideal for lubricating roller bearings facing both high loads and water ingress, their applications span diverse sectors. From work roll bearings in hot and cold rolling mills to wet end bearings in press sections and forming tables in paper processing industries, these greases prove their mettle.

In the construction and mining industry, these greases shine as efficient lubricants for heavy mobile equipment. They are equally adept at safeguarding slide ways in CNC machines, bearings on sheet forming machines, and those in tin rolling machines. The recommended variant of BECHEM's grease emerges as a versatile solution for plain and roller bearings exposed to medium to heavy loads.

This variant finds its application in a wide array of scenarios, including conveyor rollers, pellet presses, electric motors, fans, axle bearings, and life-lubricated bearings in motor vehicles. Its adaptability extends to friction zones in granite cutting machines, gang saw machines, and actuator systems in solar power plants. Automotive assembly plants benefit from its multipurpose use, and it's endorsed for steering stems of motorbikes, plastic injection molding machines, and lubrication needs of forging presses operating under low loads.

For plain and roller bearings, guideways, motor bearings in vitrified tiles plants, gear shifter ball joint applications, and machine parts in construction and mining industries, this grease stands out. It caters to various machine tools, bearings of winders and unwinders, refiner sections in paper mills, and the textile industry. Beyond industrial applications, it meets the lubrication needs of electrical and precision instruments, threaded spindles, washing machines, and household equipment.







Elevate your equipment's performance with BECHEM's innovative and reliable lubrication solutions.

Heavy Industry Machinery : Ideal for construction and mining equipment, providing consistent lubrication in harsh conditions.

Rolling Mills in Metal Processing : Formulated for work roll bearings in hot and cold rolling mills, ensuring reliable lubrication.

Paper Processing Industries : Used in wet end bearings of press sections and forming tables in paper mills for stable lubrication.

Automotive and Transportation : Recommended for axle bearings, conveyor rollers, and life-lubricated bearings in motor vehicles.

CNC Machines and Automation : Efficient lubrication for slide ways of automatic tool changers in CNC machines, minimizing friction.

Solar Power Plants : Suitable for actuator systems, enhancing component durability in solar power plants.

Versatile Industrial Use : Multipurpose grease for various applications, simplifying maintenance in industrial settings.

Textile Industry : Effective lubrication for bearings in winders, unwinders, and the refiner section, improving productivity.

Electrical and Precision Instruments : Appropriate for threaded spindles, bearings in electrical equipment, and precision instruments.

Household and Appliances : Addresses lubrication needs in household equipment such as washing machines, ensuring smooth operation.

Enhanced Component Lifespan : Protects against wear and corrosion, extending the life of critical machinery components.

Reduced Downtime : Ensures stable lubrication, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance and reducing downtime.

Improved Operational Efficiency : Provides reliable performance in challenging conditions, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Fuel Efficiency : Reduces friction in automotive applications, enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

Versatility : Multipurpose application across diverse industries simplifies maintenance processes.

Cost Savings : Minimizes maintenance costs and extends the time between component replacements.

Reliable Performance : Ensures consistent lubrication under extreme conditions, maintaining machinery performance.

Simplified Maintenance : Offers a single, versatile solution for various equipment, streamlining maintenance procedures.

Corrosion Protection : Advanced corrosion inhibitors protect components from corrosion, especially in humid or wet environments.

Quiet and Smooth Operation : Contributes to the smooth and quiet functioning of machinery, improving overall user experience.

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