NSK Grease PS2

NSK PS2 grease emerges as a lubricant designed explicitly for high-speed and light-load applications, particularly in low-temperature environments. It serves as the standard grease for NSK miniature linear guides, featuring a formulation based on synthetic oil and mineral oil. The unique composition of NSK PS2 grease incorporates proprietary urea, ensuring minimal dust emission and enhancing its suitability for various industrial settings.

This synthetic and mineral oil-based grease plays a pivotal role in machinery by safeguarding against water ingress and rust while concurrently minimizing friction. In applications where the consistency of liquid lubricants such as oil might pose challenges in maintaining optimal lubrication, NSK PS2 grease stands out as a superior alternative. Its versatility in addressing high-speed, light-load scenarios, and low-temperature conditions underscores its significance in enhancing the performance and longevity of machinery, particularly in linear guide systems.

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