Release Agent Spray

Berusil P140 Spray stands out as an allergen-free lubricant and release agent spray, utilizing silicone oil for optimal performance on metals, plastics, and elastomers. Tailored for diverse applications in the food and drinking water sectors, this versatile spray serves as an assembly aid for components like o-rings, lip seals, sleeves made from rubber-elastic materials, precision spindles, and adjusting screws in precision mechanics or optical instruments. Additionally, it excels as a lubricant for various components such as guideways, sliding plates, plastic rollers and bearings, chains, roller beds, slide doors, and more. Furthermore, Berusil P140 Spray proves to be an effective antiseize agent, finding applications in seals for deep freezing plants, cutting or punching knives to achieve clean cuts on materials like cardboard, paper, or gummed paper, as well as welding dies and electrodes used in hot sealing, HF, or ultrasonic welding to prevent sticking of plastics.

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