Discover the transformative power of Reinol, a natural almond-based hand cleaning paste meticulously crafted to shield your hands from the adverse effects of repeated contact with hydrocarbons like diesel, petrol, kerosene, naptha, thinners, and solvents. Unlike conventional hand cleaners, Reinol contains no detergents and eliminates cancerogenic hydrocarbons, ensuring a skin-friendly cleansing experience. Beyond its cleaning prowess, Reinol boasts antiseptic and bacteriostatic properties, providing a holistic solution to safeguard your hands from harmful bacteria and microbes. This natural hand cleaning paste offers a dermatitis prevention strategy while delivering the nourishing benefits of almond extracts.


REINOL is a non-acidic, non-solvent, non-detergent natural based paste. It contains non-aggressive Quartz particles which due to their special surface structure (enveloped in a natural blend) impart a defined degree of softness to the skin and this forms the basis of Industrial Skin Care.

The Balanced PH control of REINOL in a Solvent-free medium is able to prese Skin's natural suppleness, which among other things fulfills the function of protecting the skin from Bacterial and Mycolic infections.

REINOL through the extract of Almonds* in it works as an Anti-Dermatitis paste which further helps in at avoiding Miliria ( a form of Dermatitis ) common among the shop floor workers in temperate climates.

REINOL is free of harmful solvents and allergens, which can be present in solvent, based creams, this is why REINOL is able to work deep down without entering the pores and without overburdening the skin.

In line with the worldwide medical opinion on skin care products, REINOL in a "Non-solvent natural base” promotes the eradication of Dermatitis and has proved to be the most ecologically and toxicologically safe product since 1921.

Continuous Skin contact with harmful substances like diesel, petrol, thinners and solvents leads to Industrial Dermatitis and this means the Skin requires special Skin Care products like REINOL during work.

AS a consequence of unfavorable work conditions, intense Occupational Stress from frequent application of so called "Barrier creams”, sensitive skin in particular may become dry, rough and chapped. This skin condition can lead the rupture of the stratum comeum (the homy layer of the skin) and hence to impairment of the skin's natural protective function. As a prophylactic measure in countering such damage and to regenerate the damaged tissue after work, 21 countries around the world adopt the REINOL concept to skin care.

Through REIINOL's use, moisture, lipids and hydrophilic nutrients are supplied to the skin concurrently to foster its natural regeneration.

Industrial Safety Skin Paste

Take 2-4 gms. of Reinol and massage
without water

Industrial Safety Skin Paste

Add a few drops of water and
continue massaging

Industrial Safety Skin Paste

Rinse normally with water and
feel the difference!

Safety Skin Paste




As per norms laid down by Gebr. Obstfeld GmbH & Co. + KG Germany

Orig. In collaboration with Gebr. Obstfeld GmbH & Co. + KG

A product for Industrial Skin Care for hands to prevent occurrence of DERMATITIS caused through repeated contact with hydrocarbons like Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene, Naptha, thinners, solvent etc.

Mineral oils, Furnace oils, quenching oils, lubricating oils, degreasing agents, grease, fasolvents, carbon soot, carbon black, cosmoline, bitumen, tar, dirty oils, mining residues, dye impressions, rust, coal dust, resins and common CANCEROGENE HYDROCARBONS like Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene etc..

* Almond based
* Natural based
* Contains no detergents
* Contains no cancerogene hydrocarbons like diesel, fuel, petrol, kerosene, turpentine
* Contains Glycerine
* Antiseptic
* Bacteriostatic

Available in pack size of 200 grams, 400 grams & 1kg