Low Temperature Grease

Low-Temperature Grease : Enhancing Performance in Challenging Conditions
When it comes to optimal performance in low-temperature environments, nothing beats the effectiveness of low-temperature grease. Specially formulated to withstand extreme cold conditions, this versatile lubricant proves indispensable in various applications, offering a range of benefits that ensure smooth operations even in the harshest climates.





These trusted products from the BECHEM range are synonymous with quality and innovation. Whether it's ensuring smooth automotive operations or enhancing the performance of precision instruments, these greases stand as a testament to BECHEM's commitment to excellence in lubrication technology.

Therefore our low-temperature grease, with its broad range of applications and the added benefits of the Berusil range, is a reliable choice for industries where performance in challenging conditions is non-negotiable. Trust BECHEM's innovative lubrication solutions to keep your machinery running smoothly, even in the coldest environments.

Recommended for Diverse Applications :
Low-temperature grease is a go-to solution for a myriad of applications, demonstrating exceptional performance in high-speed plain and roller bearings. Its versatility extends to critical components such as wiper motor gearboxes, precision bearings in refrigeration technology, optical instruments, and medical equipment.

The adaptability of low-temperature grease is evident in its usage across different industries. From precision mechanisms, textile machines, and machine tools to ski lifts, cable railways, and more, this grease ensures reliable lubrication, promoting optimal functionality in a wide array of machinery.

Automotive Excellence :
In the automotive sector, low-temperature grease proves invaluable. It finds its way into sunroof mechanisms, seat adjustment systems, horn contacts, push-pull cables, HVAC regulation, small and shift gears, steering wheel adjustments, grid and guide rails of electrical switches, window regulators, cup holders, and mirror adjustment mechanisms. Its ability to perform seamlessly in various automotive components makes it an essential lubricant for enhanced efficiency and longevity.

Specialized Solutions :
Within the low-temperature grease category, the Berusil range stands out. Specifically designed for self-lubricating mechanisms in precision instruments, optics, and electronic devices, Berusil is also well-suited for various automotive applications. This includes switch-gear mechanisms, push-pull cables, and the bendix drive in starter motors. Its application extends to electrical systems in vehicles and energy systems, where it encounters resistive loads, inductive loads, switches, and small gears. The noise-dampening ability of Berusil enhances its utility, making it a reliable choice for effective lubrication in plain and roller bearings.

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