Citrex EP No.1 greases – the ultimate solution for heavy shock load and extreme pressure applications. Engineered to excel in a variety of industrial settings, these EP greases offer unparalleled performance in the following applications:

  • Universal Joints
  • Chassis Points
  • Slide and Cam Mechanisms
  • Bearings
Key Features :
  • Extreme Pressure Performance: Designed to withstand heavy shock loads, ensuring optimal protection for crucial components.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for universal joints, chassis points, slide and cam mechanisms, as well as various types of bearings.
  • Wide Industrial Applicability: Ideal for deployment across industries such as earth moving, gear couplings, electric motors, and mining equipment.
  • Temperature Resilience: With a recommended operating temperature range of -20ºC to 130ºC, Citrex EP greases offer reliable performance even in challenging thermal conditions. They can be employed at higher temperatures with increased lubrication frequency.

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