NSK Grease AF2

NSK Grease NF2 – the premium choice for ball screws and linear guides, particularly in oscillating operations with anti-fretting corrosion properties.

Key Features :
  • Versatile Lubrication: Tailored for use in ball screws and linear guides, NSK Grease NF2 excels in applications involving oscillating operations.
  • Anti-Fretting Corrosion: Designed to combat fretting corrosion, this grease ensures durability and longevity in critical components.
  • High-Grade Synthetic Oil: Utilizing a high-grade synthetic oil as the base, NSK Grease NF2 guarantees superior lubrication performance, even in demanding conditions.
  • Urea Base Thickener: Formulated with a urea base organic compound as the thickener, this grease offers stability and reliability in various applications.

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