NSK Grease LGU

NSK Grease LGU – an exclusive urea-based formulation designed specifically for ball screws and linear guides. Ideal for precision equipment demanding cleanliness, this grease thrives in high-temperature environments, ensuring optimal performance.

Key Features of NSK Grease LGU :
  • Low Dust Emissions: Keep your equipment clean and efficient with NSK Grease LGU, known for its low dust emissions even in demanding conditions.
  • Low Torque: Enhance operational efficiency with low torque properties, ensuring smooth and energy-efficient performance.
  • Long Life: Enjoy extended equipment life with NSK Grease LGU, offering longevity and reliability in lubrication.
  • Superior Durability: Built for durability, this grease ensures consistent performance under challenging conditions, minimizing maintenance requirements.
  • Less Metallic Elements: With fewer metallic elements compared to LG2 grease, NSK Grease LGU further minimizes friction and wear, contributing to enhanced equipment life.
  • Wider Temperature Range: From high-temperature environments to varied operational conditions, NSK Grease LGU excels with a wider temperature range, ensuring reliable performance.

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