NSK Grease AS2

NSK Grease AS2 – the standard choice for NSK linear guides, ball screws, and monocarriers. Ideal for both industrial and automotive applications, this solid JASO certified grease operates seamlessly in a temperature range from -10°C to 110°C.

Key Features :
  • Wide Application Range: NSK Grease AS2 is not only the preferred lubricant for NSK linear components but also excels as an industrial and automotive lubricant, offering versatile usage.
  • Certified Solid Grease: JASO certified, this solid grease serves as an exceptional lubricating oil for electrical equipment, ensuring reliable performance in various settings.
  • Effective Protection: Utilized to guard against water and rust, NSK Grease AS2 also acts to reduce friction, enhancing the efficiency and longevity of crucial components.
  • Temperature Resilience: Operating seamlessly in a temperature range of -10°C to 110°C, this grease is a reliable choice for applications where stability across varying temperatures is paramount.
  • High Viscosity Advantage: With a high viscosity, NSK Grease AS2 is the optimal choice for applications where liquid lubricants might struggle to stay in place, ensuring consistent and effective lubrication.

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